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Head of the Academy
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Meier-Walser
Tel.: +49 89 12 58-240 | Fax: -469


Hanns Seidel Foundation
Lazarettstraße 33
80636 Munich | Germany
Tel.: +49 89 1258-0 | Fax: -356


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Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung – In the Service of Democracy, Peace and Development
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Academy for Politics and Current Affairs

The Academy for Politics and Current Affairs organizes conferences, international symposia and workshops which bring together distinguished German and international experts to examine the problems and consequences of political developments. It also conducts research on important current political issues. A central feature of the Academy’s work is that it closely follows social and political trends rather than pursuing purely academic research. As such, it serves as a practical form of political consultancy on which political decision-making is based.

The Academy for Politics and Current Affairs differs from other institutions of political research in its multi-perspective analysis of current issues and events. The Academy is staffed by political scientists, historians, economists, experts in law and education, communications specialists and psychologists. As a result, many projects are conducted on an interdisciplinary basis. This broad spectrum of expertise and an interdisciplinary working style are preconditions for conducting research which adequately reflects the complexity of society and of the international political order today. The Academy is tasked with breaking down this complexity so as to highlight current trends and interrelations, and thereby allowing the formulation of various options for political strategy.

It is an important factor of the work of the Academy that political consulting is not limited to the publication of research and analysis. To this end, conferences and other events provide a platform of exchange for political decision-makers who have the opportunity to meet distinguished academic and economic experts, leading journalists and representatives of society in order to jointly examine current issues. Post-conference analysis of the various scenarios and discussions stresses their political dimension, and where appropriate, the results are published in a series of journals, monographs and reports which are made available to political elites and serve to aid the decision-making process.