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The Hanns Seidel Foundation has been involved in International Cooperation for more than 40 years, with special focus on development cooperation, and is active in around 80 projects in more than 50 countries. The goal of the international activity, which is based on Christian social ideals, is to promote decent living conditions and contribute to sustainable development by enhancing peace, democracy, rule of law, and social market economies. Together with local partners, we implement projects in the areas of political consulting and political education. In doing so, equal-footing cooperation and our partners’ independence and self-responsibility is of particular concern to us.

The European Office in Brussels manages the development policy dialogue with the responsible European Union con-tacts. European development cooperation is discussed in dialogue forums and specialist conferences. These events form a platform to point out approaches for cooperation and thus help shape European policy. A key factor here is sustainable networking of our project partners with EU experts. We continue the dialogue with the public and decision-makers in politics and science in Munich through the publication series of “Arguments and materials of development cooperation” and “Development Policy Forum” events.