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federal development as a state program in the 21st century

  • 2016
  • Garat, Pablo María
  • Aufsatz/Enthaltenes Werk

It is probable that societies in the 21st century particularly need federalism to form a system of internal relations as a way of resolving issues that affect the political unity of sovereignty, which historically have constituted, or led to, organisations of a new confederal nature, particularly for undertaking human development with social justice and territorial equity. Following the objectives of this conference, but before referring specifically to the case of Argentina, we will firstly try to respond to the question of what can be considered the key features of federalism to assure its stability as a form of state for full development in the twenty-first century. We will secondly consider, in the case of Argentina, how it has been received in the constitutional organisation, such as in public conducts of the political leaders, since the late nineteenth century.