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Deriving a legal framework to address climate change induced migration in the pacific

  • 2017
  • Corendea, Cosmin ; Mani, Tanvi
  • Aufsatz/Enthaltenes Werk

The effects of climate change on the people of the Pacific have long been underestimated due to the lack of information and adequate research into the nature of the responses, the adaptability of the communities and the consequences, which have included over time, forced migration. The Pacific Island Communities consider the land to be an integral part of their identity and the loss they face due to the erratic weather patterns and debilitating natural disasters has been significant. This article seeks to address the legal mechanisms available through which the rights of climate migrants can be safeguarded. It propounds a regional, bottom up approach that involves effective stakeholder engagement and a comprehensive understanding of grassroots needs in order to derive constructive responses, durable channels of engagement and sustainable solutions under the overarching umbrella of international law.