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Federalism and Conflict Management: Concluding Reflections

  • 2017
  • Woelk, Jens
  • Aufsatz/Enthaltenes Werk

The title of this year''s edition of the International Federalism Days Munich, '"Federalism and Conflict Management'", is a combination of two elements suggesting that federalism can be a tool for successful management of conflicts. With the objective of '"learning from each other'", the working groups discussed which kind of conflicts may be successfully addressed with elements from the '"tool box'" of federalism, regionalisation and/or decentralisation. Of course, within such a diverse group of participants from 22 different countries, there are very different experiences. Many different examples for challenges, cleavages or conflicts have been given during the sessions, with each participant contributing with his or her own case. In most examples, transformation of territorial government - from a unitary to a decentralised, regional or federal system - is part of a wider change and shall offer new opportunities. However, it also poses additional challenges, which the traditional and well-studied cases of federalism do not have to face.