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Contact Person

Head of the Liaison Bureaus/ International Conferences
Ludwig Mailinger
Tel.: +49 89 12 58-202
Fax: +49 89 12 58-368


Hanns Seidel Foundation
Lazarettstraße 33
80636 Munich | Germany
Tel.: +49 89 1258-0 | Fax: -356


Jahresbericht 2015
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Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung – In the Service of Democracy, Peace and Development
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Liaison Bureaus

Michail Grischankow and Günther Beckstein

In our fast and dramatically changing world, the nurture and maintenance of international political dialogue is of utmost importance. The recent financial crisis is an apposite and significant demonstration of the vast scale of financial and political interconnectedness. Our liaison bureaus in Washington, Brussels and Moscow / International Conferences have been assigned the task of promoting international understanding and the process of European unification through the facilitation of dialogue and conferences.

Overview and Particular Highlights

  • Discussion on the ongoing development of the European Union
  • Promotion and intensification of German/American relations
  • Discussion on the perspectives of transatlantic cooperation in the context of foreign, security and defence policies
  • Promotion of a common understanding of domestic discussion and decision-making processes in Germany and the USA
  • Supporting the development of parliamentarism, political pluralism, the principle of civic rights, the rule of law and a social market economy in the Russian Federation
  • Development of perspectives in German/Russian relations in the areas of foreign, security and economic policy
  • Establishment of contacts and networks among young German politicians and up-and-coming business executives with their US and Russian colleagues

In cooperation with HSF liaison bureaus in Washington, Brussels and Moscow, in 2011 the HSF held 71 events in Germany and abroad, with a total of 5.786 participants from 87 countries.