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Hanns Seidel Foundation
Lazarettstraße 33
80636 Munich | Germany
Tel.: +49 89 1258-0 | Fax: -356


Jahresbericht 2015
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Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung – In the Service of Democracy, Peace and Development
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Chairwoman Prof. Ursula Männle, Former Minister of State and CEO Dr. Peter Witterauf

The Hanns Seidel Foundation has the legal form of a registered association. The Committee, the Directors and the various departments have their headquarters in Munich.The Hanns Seidel Foundation's activities are financed by funds supplied by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Bavaria, and by private donations. Because the Hanns Seidel Foundation pursues exclusively and directly non-profit-making aims, it is required to adhere strictly to the conditions imposed on it for the granting of funds; in addition, it is subject to the constant monitoring of the Federal Audit Office.

Brief description of the organization of the Hanns Seidel Foundation

The general meeting of the Hanns Seidel Foundation e. V. (registered society) elects a board, led by a chairman and a substitute. The management, led by a managing director, has panels in the areas of legal advice/construction/real estate, IT, press and public relations and is in charge of the educational center Banz Monastery as well as the Conference Center Munich.

The organisational entity "Central Services" includes the divisions National Personnel, International Personnel, Budget and Finance as well as Procurement.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation's manifold responsibilities are concentrated in four specialist departments:

Worldwide, the Hanns Seidel Foundation has three liaison offices in capital cities as well as over 30 project offices.