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Workshop B: Distribution of Competences and Accomodation of Minorities

  • 2017
  • Alber, Elisabeth ; Visser, Jaap de
  • Aufsatz/Enthaltenes Werk

The overall aim of the International Munich Federalism Days 2017 was to '"identify, discuss and evaluate mechanisms of conflict management in different States and debate options for how these could be improved, specifically focusing on relations between different government levels.'" The first part of the workshop '"Distribution of Competences and Accommodation of Minorities'" on 16 May focused on the clarification of key issues. The discussion centered on the relevance of the distribution of competences with a focus on legislative competences. As a wider input, Q&A as well as discussion session, it referred to both general issues and different case studies (among others, US, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Italy). The advantages and disadvantages of different models of allocating competences between the different tiers of government (federal, regional and local) were analysed. The second part of the workshop (17 May) focused on the participants'' presentations and on possibilities to better organize the distribution of competences in order to accommodating socio-linguistic diversity in the country of origin of the participants. A lively discussion amongst the participants contributed to both sharing knowledge and to identifying how challenges can be overcome in the participants'' countries.

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    2017, 1, S. 23-34

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