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Veranstaltungen - Internationale Zusammenarbeit

  • 28.09.2021 - 28.09.2021
  • 14:30


Please register directly via Zoom: German federalism is one of the most unitary in the world. It started from assumptionsbased on the subsidiarity principle. They still are to be found in the German constitution.The lack of a federalism culture, the output orientation of German politics that stressesthe sameness of living conditions, and party-political centralization have shapedGermany’s federalism. The last three reforms of German federalism 2006, 2009, and 2017have all contributed to more centralism and shared decision-making of the federalgovernment and the Land executives. In the context of this centralized perspectiveon federalism and the preference of uniformity, we will discuss the federalelections of September 2021 and what impact, if any, they will have on Germanpolitics and on the future of German federalism particularly.

  • 05.10.2021 - 05.10.2021
  • 10:00

Online Series: HSF Asia against COVID-19: Asia & Europe: Developing Relations Through a Pandemic

If you are interested please sign in directly via Zoom: About the Seminar:After the initial outbreak of a new Corona Virus in Wuhan became known to the world, the disease caused by that virus, Covid-19, spread rapidly internationally. Countries in Asia were the first who had to deal with what quickly evolved into a pandemic spreading across Europe and the rest of the world. In this online seminar, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick, Faculty for East Asia Studies at Ruhr-University Bochum, will consider the consequences of the pandemic for the relationship between Europe and Asia. He will assess how Europe and Asia have worked together to contain the virus, how the virus will change cooperation between the two continents, and which political, social and economic consequences follow from the virus.Please note:The Seminar is recorded for our Webpage.Octobre 5, 2021 10:00 AM Central European TimeOctobre 5, 2021 04:00 PM China Standard Time

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